5th NSCA International Conference

Booth / Party


Short Seminar by Sponsors(30 min.)will be held at the Convention Hall A.

As of January 12, 2017

January 27, 2017

  Sponsors Seminar Title Speakers
1 ロゴ画像 CLIMB Factory Co., Ltd The ICT management tool chosen by top of athletes, professional teams and school teams Toshiharu Aoki
2 ロゴ画像 SIGMAX Analysis of the foot arch and alignment and molding of CustomBalance insoles Katsumi Nogawa
3 ロゴ画像 Round Flat, Inc. Pelvis and Sport Movement – from a viewpoint of applied anatomy Kyoko Takeuchi, Ph.D.

January 28, 2017

  Sponsors Seminar Title Speakers
4 ロゴ画像 Wattbike Japan Case Study: World Class Talent Transfer with Wattbike Mitsuru Ohki
5 ロゴ画像 MORINAGA & CO., LTD. Effect of Protein-EMR supplementation on athletes' body composition :a randomized controlled trialOmi Naomi
6 ロゴ画像 MAKI WAVING STRETCH Unprecedented ultimate muscular fasciae releaseNaohiro Maki
7 ロゴ画像 UESAKA Barbell Company Training to effectively utilize the force plate TBD
8 ロゴ画像 Senoh New Functional Training Gear for ALL, "STROOPS & AXILIZE" RIKIYA WASEDA
9 ロゴ画像 Johnson Health Tech. Co., Ltd. Sprint training using S-Drive Performance Trainer.
-Interest expanding of HIIT and future prospects.-
10 ロゴ画像 Zaoba Corporation Free Weight Training for Enhancing the Function of Upper Extremity and Scapular Muscles.Motozumi Kitsunai
11 ロゴ画像 THINK FITNESS Corporation. Latest exercise equipment experience session Hiroyuki Shirai

January 29, 2017

  Sponsors Seminar Title Speakers
12 ロゴ画像 FITNESS APOLLO JAPAN HOW and WHY KEISER can help improving performance for all Ryotaro Katsura
13 ロゴ画像 KISTLER Japan MARS System ; Management of Performance for Athlete Masahito Hara
14 ロゴ画像 Perfect Trainers Power Plate Conditioning Masaru Kono


Welcome Reception (free of charge)

Friday, January 27th, 16:30-18:30

On January 27th, there will be a stand-up party featuring a songleading performance by the Japan Women's College of Physical Education, special gifts presented from booth exhibitors, and more. Making it a lot more fun, the party is a highlight of the conference!

Japan Women's College of Physical Education
Songleading Club "GRINS"
Won 2nd Prize in the Team Cheer Pom Division at the ICU World University Cheerleading Championships 2016
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25th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony

Saturday, January 28th, 9:00 - 9:50

5th NSCA International Conference Organizing Committee Chair Princess Tomohito of Mikasa (Nobuko) will greet the guests at the Commemorative Ceremony.

Informal Party (an extra fee of \2,000 in addition to the registration fee applies)

Saturday, January 28th, 18:30-20:30

This stand-up party, attended by both lecturers and participants, is a time to share information and boost ties of friendship. Take advantage of this great opportunity to speak directly with our group of lecturers, which includes individuals invited from overseas. Featuring a theme of Japanese tradition, there will be a Japanese wadaiko drumming performance in addition to the NSCA Japan Awards Ceremony.

Wadaiko SPC
This wadaiko team operates primarily in Chofu city, Tokyo.
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